The manufacturing industry relies on machine tools to produce goods to a high standard at a sufficient volume to be profitable. To achieve this, machine tools and manufacturing technology are always evolving to become more precise and efficient.


Here we’ll take a look at what machine tools are and the crucial role they play in the manufacturing industry.

What are machine tools?

Machine tools refer to, high-precision, power devices that are used to process work pieces. They are commonly used for forming, cutting, and joining other tools, and are critical equipment in the manufacturing process of mechanical parts.


What equipment is used in manufacturing

A range of machine tools is used in the manufacturing industry. Some of the machine tools commonly used include:



A lathe consists of a rotating workpiece upon which the workable object is placed. As the product rotates, various tools are used to cut, knurl, drill or otherwise alter the metal. Lathes vary in size, with the smallest being handheld versions used for precision work such as watchmaking or jewellery.

Drilling machines


Drilling machines consist of a fixed drill that is mounted or bolted to a stand or workbench. They are used in a similar way to handheld drills, but because they remain stationary, they are stable and require less pressure to be effective.

Milling machines


Milling machines use a stabilized rotating cutter to machine a piece of metal. They allow more versatility by also performing sideways cuts. Some milling machines have a mobile cutter, while others have a mobile table that moves about a stationary cutter to achieve the desired result.

Grinding machines

Grinding machines use an abrasive wheel to create fine finishes or faint cuts. The abrasive wheel moves from side to side to achieve the desired finish. Types of grinders include belt grinders, bench grinders, cylindrical grinders, surface grinders, and jig grinders.

What is a machine tool manufacturing process?

Machining is the process used to remove material, typically metal, to create parts for machines, tools, transportation, and more. These parts need to be cut using a high level of accuracy for their specific function and to fit the machine they will be used in.


Machinists remove material from objects that are made of metal, though machining techniques can also be used on wood, ceramic, and plastic materials.


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