Kuhlmeyer ZBS Twin Long Belt Grinding Machine

Kuhlmeyer ZBS Twin Long Belt Grinding Machine

Southampton, United Kingdom

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The Kuhlmeyer ZBS Twin Belt Grinding Machine is built for the roughing and finishing on welded edges, corners and surfaces on flat and mid-size workpieces out of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, i.e. doors, frames, cabinets, housings, hoods, furniture parts, frame parts in automotive and aircraft – manufacturing, round bins, cylinders, heaters etc.

Advantages of the Twin-Belt Grinding Machine Type ZBS:

  • Savings of approx. 50% on working time by use of the 2 separate grinding belts for roughing and finishing: Only one handling and setup of the workpiece
  • Further savings of approx. 25% by use of the handling device: The workpiece can be orientated on 5 axes and can be prepared on all sides in one operation
  • Manually preparation and pre-grinding on welded seam can be avoided, because the grinding belts can be tensed very smooth and then rotated by 90°. The operator can reach almost all edges and corners of the workpiece and polish the surface
  • High ergonomics by free access and view onto the workpiece
  • High safety by always accessible E-Stop-String
  • Flexible with the table height adjustment
  • Simple adjustment of grinding belt speed and pressure for belt tensioning
  • Automated reduce of grinding belt speed by pushing the grinding belt cover, no further manual setup required
  • Simple control of handling functionality by foot operation panel
  • Fast and simple grinding belt changing by self-centering belt run

ZBS 1:

Table: 2000 x 800 mm, Belt size: 100 x 7100 mm

ZBS 2:

Table: 3000 x 1000 mm, Belt size: 100 x 9000 mm

ZBS 3: 

Table: 4000 x 1000 mm, Belt Size: 100 x 11200 mm

Options and variations:

  • Workpiece handling device, manually (incl. additional F/B – rotate and swivelling unit with brake system)
  • Add. contact drum
  • Workpiece automation with add. motorized table
  • Automatic table movement (motorized)
  • Add. machine table and storage (stationary or movable)
  • Scissor lifter (w/ or w/o motorized drive unit)
  • Dust exhaust for different materials
  • Robotic-Handling (automated, motorized)
  • Extended stands for grinding of columns and cover plates, which are longer than the working area


ModelZBS Twin Long Belt Grinding Machine