Baileigh BS-20A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

Baileigh BS-20A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

Southampton, United Kingdom

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When quality production from a bandsaw is the most important thing to a shop, the best place to start is an automatic band saw. The BS-20A from Baileigh Industrial is a fully automatic bandsaw that can feed a bar or bundle of metal for production sawing requirements. The BS-20A has a maximum capacity of 457mm (13") round and 330mm x 457mm (13” X 18") rectangle. Controlling the BS-20A is through a touchscreen programmer, making operation of the BS-20A simple. A powerful 5hp motor runs an industrial grade hydraulic system that clamps the material while it is being cut, while the feed table and clamping system is positioning for the next cut. This system cuts the material, lifts the cutting bow, and feeds-out the proper linear amount with the use of encoders, clamping it in place as the saw descends for the next cut. For even more production the BS-20A comes with a heavy-duty bundling system that uses the same hydraulic system to clamp the material tight, ensuring an accurate cut on all pieces of the bundle. Also included is a heavy-duty infeed and outfeed table capable of handling 5000lbs (2272kg) of material. These features drastically increase production rates for large jobs. The BS-20A automatic bandsaw comes with a variable speed metal chip auger and powerful industrial coolant system that work together keeping the machine clean. Other features on this automatic bandsaw are automatic blade shut off when a blade breaks, a patented blade tension device, and halogen worklight. The BS-20A, like all Baileigh Industrial automatic bandsaws have been constructed using industrial grade components and materials, and will stand years of service in any demanding situation.


ModelBS-20A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw