Baileigh CS-355SA Semi Automatic Cold Saw

Baileigh CS-355SA Semi Automatic Cold Saw

Southampton, United Kingdom

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Made for non-ferrous metals. The semi-automatic coldsaw CS-355SA has a semi-automatic feed (using pneumatic-hydraulic power assisted variable speed feed) for high production cuts through round pipe, tube or solids, aluminum, copper, or other non-ferrous metals. The semi-automatic feature offers less operator fatigue when cutting thicker materials like schedule 80 pipe or solids. The CS-355SA series is the non-ferrous version of the CS-350 series. The CS-355SA metal cutting saw has an adjustable safety guard and complete liquid cooling system, ensuring safety and long blade life. This machine can mitre a total of 135° - 45° to the left and 90° to the right. The CS-355SA series is a very robust semi-automatic coldsaw that relies on a heavy cast frame coupled with a heavy-duty gearbox and motor for years of production. The CS-355SA is simply the best quality circular coldsaw for its price. The CS-355SA coldsaw comes with a pneumatic self centering vice, so there are no changes to make when changing diameters of tube or pipe. The pneumatic clamping vice also has a floating clamp that independently (left to right of saw blade) holds the jaws. This securely holds both sides of the cut material without dropping them into the rotating blade, which extends blade life. This is the perfect coldsaw for thin, medium, or thick walled pipe, tubing, extrusions, or solid bar stock. The cabinet has storage for the mechanical stop and extra saw blades.


ModelCS-355SA Semi Automatic Cold Saw