Baileigh BR-18E-24 Bead Roller

Baileigh BR-18E-24 Bead Roller

Southampton, United Kingdom

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The BR-18E-24 power bead roll has a capacity of 1.25mm mild steel and 1.6mm aluminium. Powered by 220V, 50hz this variable speed bead roller is perfect for most beading applications. The 610mm throat depth is perfect for putting beads in 2 metre x 2.5 metre sheets of sheet metal but is compact enough to make even the most intricate beading patterns.

The frame is made from heavy plate steel that is fully welded for further rigidity. The bead depth is adjustable via the top roll. Baileigh Industrial offers many sets of tooling for the BR-18E-24 bead roll and the shaft diameter is ¾” and will fit most commercially available roll sets. All moving parts on the BR-18E-24 have bronze bushings for long life. A powerful 220 volt, 50hz industrial grade motor and gearbox drive the rolls forward or reverse. Control of this power bead roll is by a variable speed foot pedal that allows the operator to have both hands free to work the material. Like most Baileigh Industrial bead rolls, the BR-18E-24 comes with a depth stop for perfectly straight beads, and a heavily constructed floor stand that includes a die rack. This bead roll is built to last. There is 1 set of spoiler rolls that come with this machine. Any other rolls are optional and extra to the cost of the machine.

Dimensions: 50.5″ x 28″ x 12″ / 1283mm x 711mm x 305mm

Weight: 150 Lbs / 69 Kgs

With Stand

32mm Spoiler Roll

Capacity Mild Steel 18 ga (1.3 mm)

Capacity Aluminum 16 ga (1.6 mm)

Throat Depth 24 inches (610 mm)


ModelBR-18E-24 Bead Roller