Baileigh SW-132-3 Hydraulic Steelworker

Baileigh SW-132-3 Hydraulic Steelworker

Southampton, United Kingdom

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Baileigh Industrial's biggest all vertical ironworker is the SW-132. This behemoth has 120 tons of punching and 160 tons of shearing and notching power. It is also a dual operator machine, meaning two workers can work on opposite sides of the machine without a loss in power. To achieve such power the SW-132 boasts a 220 Volt three phase 15 hp motor to power the industrial grade hydraulic system. The SW-132 is truly a workhorse and will be at home in any size shop. The SW-132 is a five station ironworker with stations for punching, notching, flat bar shearing, angle shearing, and bar shearing. Like most Baileigh Industrial hydraulic ironworkers the SW-132 uses the best design in the industry and uses vertical motion at each station. This type of machine eliminates the harsh snap in the punching station common on other brands. By eliminating the harsh snap the machine has less fatigue on it and the tooling lasts much longer. The punching station on the SW-132 ironworker comes standard with seven sets of punches and dies as well as an oversized work table that has material stops and is scaled for easy setup

The Baileigh Industrial SW-132 hydraulic ironworker was been designed and built to the highest quality standards in the industry. No corners were cut; the frame is fully welded for rigidity and hydraulic clamps were added to the shearing station to hold everything in alignment. This eliminates any lifting of the material when shearing, extending blade life and providing a square sheared part. Other great features of the SW-132 are an electric back gauge, swing away stripper, oversized work tables, foot pedal operation, and waste buckets. The SW-132 also has optional tooling such as press brakes, pipe notchers, channel and I-beam shears, and others are available.

  • 120 metric tons of pressure
  • 30mm x 27mm punch capacity
  • 460 x 20mm flat shearing capacity
  • Dual operators possible