Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-942

Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-942

Southampton, United Kingdom

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Baileigh Industrial has a line of vertical milling machines to meet any shops requirements, whether it is price, size, or power. The VM-942 vertical milling machine fits into the price category, but that does not mean that it doesn't have features to back it up and make it a great value. The VM-942 is a fully variable speed milling machine that allows infinite adjustment to the speed from 60 to 4200 rpm. Being able to fine tune the speed of the quill is important in prolonging tooling life and saving money. Speaking of the quill or spindle Baileigh Industrial has specified a DIN2080 spindle taper for the VM-942. The larger taper helps eliminate chatter and run out during the cutting process and make better cuts. The VM-942 has a powerful 3 hp motor that comes in 220 volt. 50 Hz, single phase and features a three axis digital read out. All three axis of the VM-942 are powered making this an operators dream to run. Other standard features of the VM-942 milling machine include a, coolant system with catch tray, square slide ways, way covers and halogen wok light.

  • ISO 40 spindle taper
  • X-axis travel 762mm
  • Y-axis travel 305mm
  • Z-axis travel 406mm


ModelBaileigh Vertical Mill VM-942-1