Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054

Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054

Southampton, United Kingdom

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Table size is very important when deciding which milling machine to buy. The VM-1054 from Baileigh Industrial has a 10'' x 54'' table that has been hardened, ground, polished, and coated with a special coating called Turcite® B to extend life and help to eliminate corrosion. The VM-1054 is a variable speed milling machine that is powered by Yaskawa® inverter. This inverter is powered by 400 volts of three phase power. Inverters are great for milling machines because of their ability to be adjusted to any speed desired between 0 and 3800 rpm. By selecting the right speed tooling life is lengthened and cut quality improves, both of which saves money. Baileigh Industrial selected an DIN2080 taper for its spindle to help improve performance as well. A larger spindle is stronger and has tighter tolerances over a longer period of time. Rigidity is also very important on a mill that is why Baileigh Industrial went with only the best castings to make the base and frame work out of. The stronger you make he platform the better the cutting is. All three axis are powered on the VM-1054 making it easy on the operator. Another nice feature of the VM-1054 milling machine is the two axis digital readout that comes standard. This Mitutoyo® digital readout is accurate to 1/10 of 1 thousandth of an inch. A flood coolant system, air draw bar, and central lubrication system are all factory installed on the VM-1054.

  • ISO 40 spindle taper
  • X-axis travel 900mm
  • Y-axis travel 400mm
  • Z-axis travel 406mm


ModelBaileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3