Baileigh BB-7210H Heavy Duty Hydraulic Box & Pan Folder

Baileigh BB-7210H Heavy Duty Hydraulic Box & Pan Folder

Southampton, United Kingdom

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The BB-7210H hydraulic sheet metal brake brake will do a maximum of 10 gauge mild steel sheet metal at a full 72”, but will also handle the smaller gauges just as easily. This semi-automatic sheet metal brake has 6-3", 3-4", 6-5" and 2-6" hardened three piece fingers that allows the operator to adjust for just about any size boxes or pans that they wish to fabricate. The BB-7210H sheet metal brake, like all Baileigh Industrial brakes, are built to the highest standards with a fully welded top beam, bending leaf and is further stabilised with solid steel support rods that help minimise any deflection when bending at full capacity. Operating on 400 volt, three phase power, the BB-7210H uses a powerful 3hp motor to control all the hydraulic functions. The BB-7210H hydraulic box and pan brake uses only the best industrial-grade hydraulics to ensure reliability and longevity. This hydraulic system is used to lift the leaf and can be operated in manual or semi-automatic mode. To handle the extreme pressure required to bend 10 gauge mild steel, the beam is lifted and clamped via an electric motor attached to a cam. The BB-7210H hydraulic sheet metal brake has a 1'' beam adjustment and is capable of bending to 135° via a programmable stop bend adjustment making production easy on this hydraulic sheet metal brake. Another nice feature of the BB-7210H, is that the bending apron is removable allowing the operator to get closer between bends

  • 3.6mm mild capacity
  • 2.8mm stainless capacity
  • 2040mm folder length
  • 0° - 135° bend angle


ModelBB-7210H Heavy Duty Hydraulic Box & Pan Folder