NS Maquinas DM1100 Z Sheet Metal Deburring Machine

NS Maquinas DM1100 Z Sheet Metal Deburring Machine

Poole, United Kingdom

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DM1100 Z

Deburring Machine

Ideal for deburring and surface finishing up to 1100mm working width.

 The DM1100 Z – Deburring Machine finishes and deburrs metal sheets cut by laser, punching, or shearing. This machine has one single wide belt station which can be used for deburring parts as small as 50x50mm and up to 1100mm in width.

It is also suitable for surface finishing, being possible to operate with both standard abrasive paper or with non-woven/scotch.

The DM1100 Z was designed with the possibility to be integrated with the DM1100 C – Edge Rounding Machine – so that deburring and edge rounding can be achieved in one go.


Working capacity (mm) 1100x120

No. belt stations (Z) 1

Abrasive belt dimensions (mm) 1100x1850

Contact Roller Dimensions Ø186mm

Abrasive belt speed (m/s) 8-22

Feeding speed (m/m) 1.5-10

Abrasive belt motor (kW) 11

Feeding motor (kW) 0.18

Total power (kW) 12

Consumption (A) 20

Dust extraction connection (Ø mm) (1x) 152

Dimensions (mm) 1620x2000x2000

Weight (kg) 1000


ManufacturerNS Maquinas
ModelDM1100 Z Sheet Metal Deburring Machine