NS Maquinas DM1600 Z Sheet Metal Deburing Machine

NS Maquinas DM1600 Z Sheet Metal Deburing Machine

Poole, United Kingdom

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DM1600 Z


Deburring or Surface Finishing

Job-Shop Version

1100mm Width

The DM1600 Z is a high-performance deburring machine with a capacity of up to 1600mm in width. This machine can process a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, steel, and aluminum that have been cut through laser, punching or shearing.

Additionally, the DM1600 Z is equipped to handle surface finishing tasks, both with traditional abrasive paper or non-woven/scotch materials. With its ability to process metal parts as small as 50x50mm, the DM1600 Z is designed to maximize efficiency and productivity by processing more parts and/or larger components.

Furthermore, the DM1600 Z is designed to be easily integrated with the DM1600 C Edge Rounding Machine, allowing for a seamless and efficient process of deburring and edge rounding.


Working capacity (mm) 1600x120

No. belt stations (Z) 1

Abrasive belt dimensions (mm) 1600x1850

Contact Roller Dimensions Ø186mm

Abrasive belt speed (m/s) 8-22

Feeding speed (m/m) 1.5-10

Abrasive belt motor (kW) 18.5

Feeding motor (kW) 0.37

Total power (kW) 19

Consumption (A) 30

Dust extraction connection (Ø mm) (1x) 152

Dimensions (mm) 2190x1417x1982

Weight (kg) 1760


ManufacturerNS Maquinas
ModelDM1600 Z Sheet Metal Deburing Machine