Kuhlmeyer Maschinebau manufactures high-quality belt grinding machines which are widely regarded as some of the most effective and efficient in the industry. Whether you’re looking for something that facilitates stainless surface grinding of parts of all sizes, steel parts prepping or finishing of stainless welded edges and corners, they are reliable, versatile and high-performing machines providing efficient and effective operation over many years.


A range of Kuhlmeyer grinding machines


Kuhlmeyer manufactures a range of grinding machines to suit different needs. They make use of a variety of innovative technologies to deliver efficiencies and reliability in delivered quality.


The range includes:


Kuhlmeyer ZBS Twin Long Belt Grinding Machine


If you’re looking for effective roughing and finishing on welded edges, corners and surfaces then the Kuhlmeyer ZBS Twin Belt Grinding Machine is an effective choice. It’s ideal for uses with stainless steel and aluminium for doors, frames, cabinets, housings, hoods, furniture parts, and frame parts in aircraft and automotive manufacturing. It’s commonly used for manufacturing round binds, cylinders and heaters.


By using the two separate grinding belts for roughing and finishing, the Kuhlmeyer ZBS Twin Long Belt can reduce the time involved by up to 50%. Further savings of around 25% can be achieved by using the handling device. The workpiece can be orientated on 5 axes and cab prepared on all sides in a single operation.


Kuhlmeyer PBM Long Belt Grinding Machine


The Kuhlmeyer PBM is a 90 degrees rotatable grinding unit that is built for horizontal and vertical finishing on volume workpieces made out of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. It is commonly used for switch cabinets, housings, hoods, machine frames, mixers, tumblers, pharma containers, heaters and cover sheets. Because of its gantry-style machine frame and floor clearance, it’s suitable for the machining of bulky and tall pieces.


Kuhlmeyer EBSC Long Belt Grinding Machine


The Kuhlmeyer EBSC is precision designed and engineered to grind welded edges, corners and the surfaces of smaller components. The machine allows for the easy replacement of the grinding belt to quickly change between the roughing and finishing process.  Its compact design allows for the integration of the machine into existing production areas. It delivers high quality, easy and ergonomic grinding by high precision Kuhlmeyer technology.


New and used Kuhlmeyer grinding machines


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